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Reliability - Systems ONLINE (ENO-REL40P)


System Reliability and Maintainability Analysis

Learn system reliability and maintainability and related analyses using ReliaSoft BlockSim with online instructor-led training.

In System Reliability and Maintainability Analysis you will learn how to build simple to complex reliability models using ReliaSoft BlockSim software. In this course you will explore advanced concepts and applications for system reliability and maintainability analysis and optimization utilizing a reliability block diagram (RBD) or fault tree analysis (FTA) approach. You will use ReliaSoft BlockSim software with hands-on practice and case study analysis.

Online courses are delivered in real-time with a live instructor.

Learning objectives

  • Identify critical components (or failure modes) and determine the most effective ways to improve system performance through design improvements and/or maintenance planning.
  • Use simulation to facilitate decision-making in a variety of areas, such as scheduling maintenance, planning for spares, identifying bottlenecks in production throughput and estimating life cycle costs.

Topics included

  • How to define a system as a reliability model
  • Reliability block diagram (RBD) configurations and fault tree gates and events
  • Advanced/complex RBD configurations
  • Introduction to time dependency in reliability modeling
  • Advanced RBD constructs
  • Modeling block dependency
  • Modeling standby redundancy
  • Nodes, containers, encapsulation, mirroring
  • Analysis to identify system improvement opportunities
  • Optimum reliability allocation
  • Introduction to repairable system analysis
  • Introduction to preventive maintenance principles
  • Advanced simulation: adding crews, spare parts and maintenance strategies
  • Use of appropriate metrics for system analysis
  • Throughput analysis: bottleneck identification and backlog processing
  • Introduction to reliability phase diagrams

Course length

Online: 6, 3-hour sessions

Onsite: 3 days

Target group

System Reliability and Maintainability Analysis is for design and maintenance professionals that need to perform reliability modeling and analysis of complex systems for understanding and improvement of both design reliability and operational availability.


This course requires the use of a computer with a licensed ReliaSoft software installation. All registrants will receive a temporary ReliaSoft software license. Online courses also require an audio device with a microphone or a telephone. Dual monitors are recommended. The instructor will make use of a webcam. Webcams for attendees are optional but encouraged.

Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Reliability or Weibull Analysis or equivalent knowledge and experience.

How to register

Register via the corresponding button on this page. We will send you a registration confirmation and further information by e-mail.


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